How to make a video private on youtube.

I quickly show you how to make a video private on youtube.

You can do this for multiple videos easily within the video manager on youtube. (more…)

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Remove WordPress Warning Messages

A simple tutorial on how to remove those annoying Warning messages in WordPress.


How to Disable WordPress Comments

This Tutorial shows how to disable comments in both new and legacy posts for WordPress Blogs .


How to prevent Bandwidth Stealing

Some ideas on how to prevent Bandwidth Stealing. i.e unwanted visitors using up your precious bandwidth.


WordPress Security How to protect your WP ADMIN folder.

How to secure your WP-ADMIN folder, plus for good measure your WP-INCLUDEs and WP-CONTENT folders. (more…)

WordPress Security 101

Basic WordPress security for your root folder (where the WordPress index.php file, and WP-Config file live). (more…)

Website Security. FTP Security Ideas for WordPress sites.

Website Security. FTP Security Ideas to make your website harder to hack. (more…)

Woodojo stuck in maintenance mode. (WordPress solution)

If your woo-commerce WordPress blog is stuck in maintenance mode here is the quickest way of getting out of maintenance mode. (more…)