Hi my name is Steve Payne and I live on the internet working for clients and producing useful content in three areas:- Marketing, Games and 3d Animation. This site focuses on the marketing.

A brief Potted history …

I worked in IT all my life up until I became involved with Google Adwords. Actually I worked in computing before leaving school as I wrote a number of Arcade Games for the Sharp MZ-80K, but that’s another story.

Anyway in 1999 I was sick of working in the corporate world (I was one of many in an IT dept of a multi-national Bank), and decided to get involved with Internet programing.

And so to Adwords …

Initially I learned how to adapt my programming skills into designing websites for business, and I became fascinated with Google Adwords in 2003. However after a few years of working from home I preferred to go out to work again and worked for a Construction Information firm. (Although I ran a part-time Adwords business in 2005).

Of the five and a half years spent there, two were spent working with Marketing performing an Adwords role. Initially with a side product and then after that was a resounding success, I was allowed to handle advertising for the companies core products.

This was also a great success as I managed to double the registrations we received per week within a few months, and then set about halving the cost to get those registrations within a year. All this on a budget of about 1/8th the total marketing spend, and all while learning about the companies market place – mainly from what Google was telling me each step of the way.

If you stick with this blog I will be sharing my journey. I am the type of person who learns the rules and then learns how to (legitimately) exploit them. I will be sharing my findings for free – right here.

Social Media ….

This site expands upon the use of Adwords into Social Media. In the end it all comes down to one thing, cost per Acquisition. If you put a figure on your time, then Social Media does cost. So everything you do can be measured by ROI (return on investment).

However the latest leg of the journey will be exploiting advertising on these social media sites. Let’s take an adwords approach (target the audience and get to the point) and see where it takes us, along with providing useful content to capture attention for the information seekers.