Free 3d Models. Top 10 sites for 3d models.

If you are into 3d, and if not please consider the benefits (you can promote your venture with quality graphics without paying for an artist), you’ll want to find free 3d models to supplement the paid for models that you’ll inevitably have to buy. Here are my top 10 websites.

When starting out in 3d rendering, or indeed 3d animation the one thing you are really short of is sets. Free Clothes can be found quite easily (poser word has tons), hair is tricky, ad-hoc props easy, but fully fledged scenes of a decent standard usually have to be paid for. However if you search around these sites you should pick up a lot of free scenes to get you going – some of which are very good indeed.

I use Daz 3d and Bryce so this list is skewed towards Poser files and OBJ files (the latter are quite portable between the various formats anyway)

In a rough order of freeness and quality of free models, I regularly pick up 3d models from these websites.

1. Renderosity.

2. Daz 3D Free 3D Models (also Free 3D Software).

3. Share cg. (ps check out my 3d animation with 95% free models!)

4. Deviant Art.

5. Most digital creations.


6. Archive 3d.

7. Artist-3d.

8. Anton Kisiel Designs.

9. Amazing 3d.

10. Free 3d content.

11. Poser World. – Ok this isn’t totally free but they often offer a lifetime subscription for very little, then you are effectively getting free stuff every month for life.

Happy hunting!

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