Yahoo site explorer sitemap

Yahoo site explorer:

Yahoo also has webmaster tools like Google and Bing. However they have called their offering Yahoo site explorer.

It is very important to amend your robots.txt file to include the sitemap tag as I’ll explain later in this article. (more…)

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Add sitemap tag to robots.txt

The Sitemap Tag explained.

To construct a robots.txt file that will appeal to a wide range of search engines, an important step is to add the sitemap tag. (more…)

WordPress: Limit number of posts on home page

One of the first questions that new bloggers want to know is how to restrict the number of posts that appear on the home page. (more…)

Refollow Twitter App

Refollow is a Twitter App much in the same vien as Twitter Karma.

However I prefer ReFollow because you only need to load a small proportion of your followers at a time. You select how many to load in groups of 100. (more…)