How to Market Research. Some ideas to consider.

How to Market Research is a practical discussion of one way to Conduct Market Research. Assumes you are an independent, looking to get your first successful website off the ground. (more…)

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How to Increase website Traffic.

A no nonsense answer about the truth of how to Increase Traffic to your Website (geared towards getting your first site off the ground).

There are three basic methods of getting traffic to your website, they all involve work I’m afraid. One costs money, and the others are free. (more…)

Niche Money Machine. Free EBook.

This is a Big Free EBook on how to find a Profitable Market and how to Sell. It is written in a clear and concise manner and is a complete course in one EBook.

A lot of these free marketing eBooks tell you what you can be doing to generate money, but this EBook actually tells you how! The key is the upfront research which helps you find a product that will sell (has a market) (more…)

Free Marketing on Facebook

Facebook can be a source of free marketing for your business, but you have to be careful how you go about it. No one wants to hang out with the party bore. This free Ebook gives insights on how to gain friends and convert them to customers.

On the face of it (pun) Facebook looks ideal for marketing. Providing you get the general drift that people are there to have fun and not be advertised to, then you might be able to build up a network of people interested in your products. (more…)

Best Hosting Review Sites. (Links to Review sites)

The best hosting review sites are listed here. I choose these websites as they contain customer reviews. Some of them contain their own review but for me the only reviews that matter are customer reviews.

This is because looked at in bulk and over a period of time, a pattern of reliability and satisfaction (or the opposite) becomes clear. Of course these figures can be manipulated (short term), but across a large range of sites and over a five year period this becomes hard to do. (more…)

Ebook Growth. Stats and predictions.

Find out why Ebook sales growth continues at exponential rates. Some experts are suggesting this is unsustainable. Either way now is the time to write your own eBooks and cash in on the surge.

The latest publicly held statistics are available at They always lag behind by a quarter or two but provide excellent evidence of massive growth, fueled no doubt by continual advertising of mobile eBook readers. (more…)

Audio Hosting. Where to host your audio

How to host audio files cheaply. This guide covers the pros and cons of hosting your own audio files and which hosting companies to consider.

As it becomes ever easier to record and share music over the Internet, you might be tempted to host audio files yourself and allow streaming audio, perhaps even sell them from your own website. Maybe you are a church group looking to share the weekly sermon, seminar or workshop? (more…)

Video Hosting. To host on your website or a third party site?

Video files are big, heavy bandwidth using files which are likely to cause your monthly bandwidth limit to be breached with just about any shared hosting company (even the ones that say Unlimited hosting).

This is because no one truly offers unlimited hosting. What they may offer within the term “unlimited” is a generous amount of bandwidth (plus server space), but in most cases you won’t know what that limit is until its breached (and your site suspended from being live). (more…)