What Motherboard do I have? How to get details of your motherboard.

There are two ways of getting this information, the hard way (without software) or the easy way with some free trusted software (not my own) I’ll introduce to you. (more…)

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What is a Motherboard?

A motherboard (or mainboard), is a printed circuit board (known as a PCB) which holds together all the main components of your PC. (more…)

Screen Capture Software Recomendations.

Using Screen Capture Software in your video marketing can greatly ease video production time and cost. Any virtual product can be demonstrated online using screen capture. (more…)

What is Video Marketing? An explanation with Benefits.

Video marketing is “Marketing with Video”. In other words incorporating videos into your overall marketing mix. (more…)

Video Tutorial Catchup #1 (Marketing, WordPress, Ebooks etc)

Previously I had lost my youtube videos, but digging around the archives I’ve found about a third of them listed here. Hope they help. (more…)

Why cPanel is the best Web Hosting Software

When choosing a Web Hosting solution, check to see if they include cPanel Hosting. Here I explain the Advantages of cPanel Website Hosting over other products. Best of all it’s free! (A few sites charge extra). (more…)

How to Sell Music on Amazon

Amazon.com appears to be a closed shop when it comes to selling your own independent music, but in fact they have just outsourced the whole thing, and if you follow the instructions below, the good news is its Free! (more…)

Music Sales Stats. Where to Sell Music, which formats to Sell to.

Links to articles and an insight into where music sales will come from in the near future. Read this if you plan to affiliate sell music, or sell your own music, or you want to just know which format will dominate. (more…)