Ebook Growth. Stats and predictions.

Find out why Ebook sales growth continues at exponential rates. Some experts are suggesting this is unsustainable. Either way now is the time to write your own eBooks and cash in on the surge. The latest publicly held statistics are […]

Video Tutorial Catchup #1 (Marketing, WordPress, Ebooks etc)

Previously I had lost my youtube videos, but digging around the archives I’ve found about a third of them listed here. Hope they help. Share it:

ePub Ebooks. 1,000,000+ Free eBooks Download Websites.

Top 5 free eBook download sites, links to the free eBook sections and how to access millions of free ebooks. Share it:

What are ePub Ebooks?

EPub eBooks have become the standard format for reading and distributing millions of free eBooks. Benefits and drawbacks of the format are discussed. Share it:

Niche Money Machine. Free EBook.

This is a Big Free EBook on how to find a Profitable Market and how to Sell. It is written in a clear and concise manner and is a complete course in one EBook. Share it:

Free Computer EBooks and programming tips

Where to find computer science ebooks. Its no surprise that a quick Google search on “free computer ebooks” reveals a number of useful sites showing older books, but this article goes deeper than just finding the books. Its how you […]

Free EBooks: Free EBook Download Websites

If you want free ebooks then I’ve just done all the hard work for you. I present links to various websites I use to get free EBooks. Share it:

EBook Covers. Free, cheap or Professional?

Save money on your EBook cover or hire a professional? Your cover is your no.1 sales tool once someone has arrived at your EBooks landing page. A big bold picture of the EBook with a professional finish will inspire the […]