How to Market Research. Some ideas to consider.

How to Market Research is a practical discussion of one way to Conduct Market Research. Assumes you are an independent, looking to get your first successful website off the ground. Share it:

How to Increase website Traffic.

A no nonsense answer about the truth of how to Increase Traffic to your Website (geared towards getting your first site off the ground). There are three basic methods of getting traffic to your website, they all involve work I’m […]

Niche Money Machine. Free EBook.

This is a Big Free EBook on how to find a Profitable Market and how to Sell. It is written in a clear and concise manner and is a complete course in one EBook. A lot of these free marketing […]

What is Video Marketing? An explanation with Benefits.

Video marketing is “Marketing with Video”. In other words incorporating videos into your overall marketing mix. Share it:

Video Tutorial Catchup #1 (Marketing, WordPress, Ebooks etc)

Previously I had lost my youtube videos, but digging around the archives I’ve found about a third of them listed here. Hope they help. Share it:

3D Animation as a Marketing Tool

This article discusses why 3D Animation and 3D Art can be a useful marketing tool and gives practical ideas as to where it can be employed. Share it: