How to Remove Multiple URLs from Google’s Index

Using the Google Remove URL tool within Google Webmaster Tools is all very well for individual URLs, but did you know that in conjunction with your Robots.txt file masses of URLs can be removed at a stroke. Share it:

Robots.txt: Syntax Not Understood Error

Are you caught in a loop of using the Google Webmaster tools to create your robots.txt file only to find once its uploaded and crawled that you get a “syntax not understood error”. Two things can be done to prevent […]

Yahoo site explorer sitemap

Yahoo site explorer: Yahoo also has webmaster tools like Google and Bing. However they have called their offering Yahoo site explorer. It is very important to amend your robots.txt file to include the sitemap tag as I’ll explain later in […]

Add sitemap tag to robots.txt

The Sitemap Tag explained. To construct a robots.txt file that will appeal to a wide range of search engines, an important step is to add the sitemap tag. Share it: