How to Increase website Traffic.

A no nonsense answer about the truth of how to Increase Traffic to your Website (geared towards getting your first site off the ground). There are three basic methods of getting traffic to your website, they all involve work I’m […]

How to Delete Google Cache

How to remove your pages from the Google cache as well as from the search results. Advice applies to both blogs and static web pages. Share it:

wordpress permalinks

WordPress permalinks are an essential step to optimizing your wordpress blog. Here is a quick tutorial to using a permalink structure for wordpress that will help your SEO. Share it:

How to embed youtube video

How to embed youtube video. A short tutorial covering how to embed youtube video into your website, your blog and directory software. Share it:

Yahoo site explorer sitemap

Yahoo site explorer: Yahoo also has webmaster tools like Google and Bing. However they have called their offering Yahoo site explorer. It is very important to amend your robots.txt file to include the sitemap tag as I’ll explain later in […]

Add sitemap tag to robots.txt

The Sitemap Tag explained. To construct a robots.txt file that will appeal to a wide range of search engines, an important step is to add the sitemap tag. Share it: