How to prevent Javascript slowing your WordPress Blog.

JavaScript? surely it can’t slow my blog down? Well ok I tell a small lie, it doesn’t affect wordpress data retrieval, but it DOES affect the overall page load speed. Share it:

How to prevent Images slowing your wordpress blog

Images may be bad for your wordpress blogs health. I look at various solutions for avoiding an image based slow down. Share it:

WordPress Database: Delete Spam, Review Spam.

Spam is clogging up your WordPress database and potentially slowing it down a little. In addition I bet not all of it is really spam. Read a discussion about removing wordpress spam. Share it:

WordPress Database: Delete Post Revisions

WordPress databases slow down the larger they get. One of the ways to keep your WordPress blog smaller is to delete Post revisions. I explain how to. Be shocked at the space you are wasting. Share it:

WordPress Slow? How to avoid Complex Database Queries

WordPress can slow down dramatically with a combination of intense database activity (perhaps due to overly complex pages), and visitor volume. I present some ideas to reduce the strain on your database. Share it:

Plug ins. Which Plug-ins do you really need?

Front end Plug ins are great, they make the site look sexy, interactive etc. They also represent a potential overhead in serving your webpage. Share it:

WordPress Caching. MySQL Query Caching

Hopefully your WordPress MySQL database has MySQL Query Caching turned on. The MySQL default setting is off. I demonstrate how to check and how to switch it on for an instant performance benefit. Share it:

WordPress Slow? Might be your WordPress Hosting.

A poorly performing WordPress Hosting solution can seriously affect your blogs chances of being read. However more expensive is not always better. Here is a guide to finding the best cheap wordpress hosting. Share it: