How to Disable WordPress Comments

This Tutorial shows how to disable comments in both new and legacy posts for WordPress Blogs . Share it:

WordPress Security How to protect your WP ADMIN folder.

How to secure your WP-ADMIN folder, plus for good measure your WP-INCLUDEs and WP-CONTENT folders. Share it:

WordPress Security 101

Basic WordPress security for your root folder (where the WordPress index.php file, and WP-Config file live). Share it:

Woodojo stuck in maintenance mode. (WordPress solution)

If your woo-commerce WordPress blog is stuck in maintenance mode here is the quickest way of getting out of maintenance mode. Share it:

Video Tutorial Catchup #1 (Marketing, WordPress, Ebooks etc)

Previously I had lost my youtube videos, but digging around the archives I’ve found about a third of them listed here. Hope they help. Share it:

What is Autoblogging?

AutoBlogging as its name suggests is automating the creation of blog posts, usually from one or several feeds. Can it be used sensibly (without spamming)? Read on. Free Ebook. Share it:

How to find your MySQL Table Size

How to view MySQL Table sizes, how to spot bloated tables, remove useless data and free up the unused space. Share it:

How to find your MySQL Database Size

A Guide to finding out the size of a MySQL database, including wasted space and reclaiming space. Multiple methods covered. Share it: