Tweet URLs. How to Shorten the URL in a Tweet.

How to Shorten the URL in a Twitter Tweet. The 140 character limit is tight, Shortening the URL that your tweet links to can cram in more of a message.


Twit Clicks

Twitclicks provides a free service to shorten the URLs you use within your Tweets.

Additionally it provides statistics on each tweet made. This is a very useful feature because over time you will gain an insight into which topics and subtopics of tweets bring in the most visitors and even ROI (return on investment – of time in this case)

However (and I don’t know how they overcome this) you need to change your website on your profile to Twitclicks in order to get the stats.

**adsense_4x4Block** is a utility that allows users to shorten a long URL (dramatically!), share it, and then track the resulting usage. Shortening your url makes it much easier to include the link in an email or Twitter post without it breaking or taking up space. works by issuing a “301 redirect” so it’s redirecting a click from to the destination URL. This method is the most efficient and search engine friendly redirect method.

To use the service you get to your history area and click “share” below and link, or share via Twitter itself, gmail, facebook and outlook etc

To use this tweet shortening service, simply copy your long url, visit the site and paste it into the text entry box in the top middle of the home page, optionally enter a custom alias (like myShortUrl), click “make TinyURL” and get your shortened URL!

I like this service because it’s really easy to use. You can also add tinyURL to your browsers toolbar, then with one click create a tiny URL anytime.

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